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Getting Physical

Well, after baby-girl-arrival somehow I completely withdrew from music making and moved to things that push my physical boundaries. They make me to understand my body’s limits. They make me feel alive. Weird.

In May I attempted to climb Mt. Shasta and bailed out at ~12,000 ft. I could do a little more but I decided to help zoned out teammate to descend to the base camp at 10,000 ft. Yet it was a fantastic experience. Got my own crampons and ice axe to scale this and more mountains in the future.

Then there’s that run-a-marathon thing. I ran 1st half of SF Marathon last year. Made it before allotted time limit to my surprise in 2:46. It was turn to do 2nd half this year again then. Wow, I pushed my personal score to 2:33! It is like shaving one mile off at my “jogging” pace 😉

I nearly cried to see my two gals (plus my Mom so that’s three) at the finish line. They called my name, I turned my head and…



The next challenge is… paragliding training.