Personal website of Sebastian Krawczuk.

About Outdegree

[Sebastian Krawczuk] – A free improvising sound maker in transition from Washington, DC to California, playing the electric upright bass with sound processors. Krawczuk has recently expanded his domain in modular synthesizers and computer music. Sebastian is a seasoned player, participating in a series of music improvisation workshops in Baltimore (MD), in the Minijax and Electric Possible events in DC. He is a former member of the 10 String Trio, Mystery Shopper, the Asher-Krawczuk Duo and is currently involved in projects to include: Outdegree – an “intra-development” experiment, a soundtrack contribution to Dual Nature, a film by Andreas Guskos, and collaboration with Vildhjarta – a progressive metal band from Sweden. Past influences include punk, metal and free-improvised sounds while performing with bands in Szczecin, Poland, such as Baby Blue Eyes, Felicite Pueros and STUCKONCEILING.

outdegree @ me dot com or (510) 859-DUPA