Personal website of Sebastian Krawczuk.


[Dual Nature] – a film made by Andreas Guskos with algorithmic soundtrack by Sebastian Krawczuk. Music has been entirely played by the movie deconstructed in Max/MSP environment and assembled back into series of MIDI signals sent over to Nord G2 modular synthesizer.

Other movies by Andreas Guskos:

  • [Glowing Marry] – a documentary from Operafonic Festival 2002.
  • [Nova Paka] – a documentary from simultaneous image and sound improvisation of Andreas Guskos, Martin Ježek and Martin Klapper.
  • [Triada] – a film by Andreas Guskos with a soundtrack by Jacek Mogilnicki.
  • [Photon-Phonon] – a film by Andreas Guskos with a soundtrack by Jacek Mogilnicki. Premiered in US at Electric Possible March 5th 2006, Washington DC.

[Andreas Guskos] – Works in the field of architecture; with artistic interests in design, experimental film and photography. He is especially interested in the interactions of sound, image and spacial properties; illustrating this through the manipulation of physical and virtual hybrid spaces. His resume includes numerous multimedia projects. Andreas has worked with musicians such as Martin Klapper and Martin Ježek. Specific works of recognition include “Glowing Mary”, a visual collaboration with well known musicians from Musica Genera. Performances of note in Europe: Operafonic Festival 2002 (Szczecin/Poland), Kanten Musikcaféen 2003 curated by Martin Klapper (Copenhagen/Denmark), Muzika Paka Festival 2003 (Nova Paka/Czech Republic), MS Stubnitz 2003 (Szczecin/Poland), Contemporary Art Center Laznia (Gdansk/Poland). More at

[Jacek Mogilnicki] – improv/noise guitar player, computer music composer. Involved in multiple guitar projects in Stargard to include: bogk, Pink Queers, Bruce Lee, “wielcy maja swoje fanaberie Trio”. As a computer musician, focuses on narrowing boundaries of chaos. He is the author of soundtracks of Andreas Guskos experimental animations/films.