Personal website of Sebastian Krawczuk.

Recording Studio

[Outdegree Studio]

The recording studio is a result of many years of collecting musical junk to record selfish sound experiments of Sebastian. Money was provided by working nutz (US society phenomena) as a full time computer software professional (US technology phenomena) in an eXtremely demanding geeky environment == lotsa stress.

After Asher-Krawczuk Duo ambient recording became studio’s business card just a month later in July 2006 the studio hosted its first guests – “In Waves” by Tyler Higgins! They say the bathroom reverb is a killer!

[The Hall of Fame]

  • Asher-Krawczuk Duo – trumpet, NS Bass, el. bass.
  • Tyler Higgins – “In Waves” – trumpet, euphonium, guitar and whistling.
  • Hard Labor Fantasy Camp – demo recording of a rock band (drums, el. bass, guitar) at their rehearsal space.
  • Vildhjarta – NS Bass, percussive elements.


On an island somewhere in the bay area in California.


I do it for fun and not-for-profit so fairly cheap. Food and beer donations are welcome!


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(510) 859-DUPA